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COUPLES ReNew 2022

We live in trying times, days when even strong marriages are experiencing unexpected upheaval. Disagreement. Discontentment. Divorce. Doubt. The challenges are real and no marriage seems entirely immune to the mounting pressure that's been building over the last few years.


For most couples, their joint dedication and commitment has been enough to remain steadfast in spite of the storms. For others, their confidence in the very concept of lifelong marriage has started to waiver. No matter the situation, Connie and I are persuaded that EVERY couple is long overdue for ReNewal.

Our message for Couples ReNew 2022 is simple: God's desire for your marriage is monogamy, NOT monotony. This teaching came to us as we were digging deeper into the foundation of our own marriage. We learned many valuable lessons during that intimate and vulnerable process, and we are excited about sharing our hard-won insights in this BRAND NEW TEACHING!

Topics Include:

What: Couples ReNew 2022, a LIVE streaming event 

Who:  Christ-honoring Couples of all ages

Date:  Saturday • July 30, 2022

Time:  9:00PM Eastern

Where: Online* from Las Vegas via closed stream with

               private link & login

Cost:  $19.99 PER COUPLE (includes livestream & 48-hour replay)

How:  Click HERE to register for the LIVESTREAM

            or click HERE to inquire about one of our

            EXTREMELY limited *in-person* experiences

• Is there a strategy for managing the tension between what a spouse     desires from their marriage and what they actually possess?

• What steps can couples take to grow together instead of growing apart?

• What is the ESSENTIAL ELEMENT that makes exclusive, monogamous 
   marriage safer than every other form of sexual/relational bonding?

Why is lifelong, monogamous marriage so difficult for so many?

• Are there alternatives to adultery in a Christ-honoring marriage?

• How can couples create an open, honest environment for exploring
Fantasies, Fetishes, and Role Play?

Conference Details

What does it take to escape the rut and restore the revelry?

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